New Digital Marketing & IT Support Company in Chorley

It's been quite a while since I last updated this site, mainly due to professional and family commitments. I've been working very hard over the last c

Fix : Fresh WordPress install can’t upload Themes or Plugin (WordPress asks for FTP details)

After a fresh wordpress install, a common problem encountered is that Wordpress prompts you for FTP account details when you try to install a new them

Cheap mobile phone plans for business using giffgaff

Giffgaff Giffgaff is a mobile phone service provide based in the UK , operating as a mobile virtual network operator on top of the O2 network. Giffg

Software should fit the business, rather than the business fit the software

All too often businesses view software and technology in general as commodity assets that can be purchased to improve a business process, or introduce

FTP download most recent file using Linux and ncftp

One of our projects recently called for a regular file download of a database backup from a server. The goal was to create a warm standby server, and

Coming Soon…. Linux Business Desktop Distro

I've been putting together a list of open source business software, and I've decided to create a linux distro targeted at the small business.  

5 Simple Tips to Rank Well on Google

Having been involved in SEO and online marketing for over half a decade, I've research and tested all manner of techniques to get a site to rank well.

A cheeky reply to a pay day loan spam link request

I run the fabulous Akismet anti blog spam plugin for Wordpress on my site; it's excellent with over a 98% success rate.  Occasionally however, it mis

Is the web hosting industry saturated?

A little bird suggested to me the other day that I should look at setting up a hosting company.  This is something that I'd investigated doing in the

Preventing Debt : Bank Guarantees

In a previous post I looked at a few options for dealing with business debt recovery. But, given the option, we'd all prefer not ot be in a position w