5 Simple Tips to Rank Well on Google

Having been involved in SEO and online marketing for over half a decade, I’ve research and tested all manner of techniques to get a site to rank well.

Some involve building massive volumes of inbound links (see my buying votes analogy), others involve writing brilliant content.

I’ve noticed that whilst inbound links can skew results, especially in competitive niches, it’s generally the quality content that rises to the top of search engines increasingly so if you target long tail keywords.

These 5 tips aren’t in any particular order, so don’t be overly concerned about what carries the most weight.


The 5 Simple Tips:


1. Use SEO to help Google et al understand the content

Don’t over do it though!  A good page title, mid content formatting for ease of reading and a well written meta description will work just fine.


2. Write for the user, not the search engine.

Think about what you like to read such as news websites, technical references etc. They link to similar topics within their site and also to external sites and you should try to do the same.


3. Keep the topic  specific

If you’ve nothing to write about or it doesn’t provide value to the reader then don’t write anything. Just go for a run, or a beer and come back to write another time.


4. The page is greater than the site

I’ll go into this further in another post, but essentially a page is what ranks, rather than the site; albeit the site should really contain similar based topics.


5. Post content regularly

I don’t mean hourly! 1-2 times a week is sufficient for most small sites to have Google show them respect.


There’s also the argument of link building – I’ve not mentioned this on purpose, because it is possible to gain visitors to your website with no inbound links, however if you can build some links then it never hurts.

Top tip for Google Algorithm writers:  Discard links that come from pages with poorly written content / grammar! ;)



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