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Fix : Fresh WordPress install can’t upload Themes or Plugin (WordPress asks for FTP details)

After a fresh wordpress install, a common problem encountered is that Wordpress prompts you for FTP account details when you try to install a new them

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Software should fit the business, rather than the business fit the software

All too often businesses view software and technology in general as commodity assets that can be purchased to improve a business process, or introduce

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Coming Soon…. Linux Business Desktop Distro

I've been putting together a list of open source business software, and I've decided to create a linux distro targeted at the small business.  

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SOGO – another Microsoft Exchange alternative

In my quest to find an alternative to MS Exchange , I've looked at a number of different open source alternatives including Zimbra and Citadel. I i

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Investigate an open source alternative to MS Exchange

Investigate an open source alternative to MS Exchange

As part of an investigation for a client who wishes to explore moving away from their current "Cloud" Email provider, I have started investigating ope

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Alternative to MS Exchange

Alternative to MS Exchange

A client currently uses a hosted Microsoft Exchange service with BES costing around £10 per user per month. They want to investigate moving away from

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Raspberry Pi – a great way to learn the workings of software and computers

Raspberry Pi - a great way to learn the workings of software and computers

Raspberry Pi , a brilliantly named piece of electronic kit that allows a user to learn the underlying working of computers and software has been rele

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Using websites and social media to grow your business

Back in the late nineties/early noughties, everyone had to have a website. It was the new gold rush... "just get me a website built" people would excl

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Business software tools – Open Source Alternatives?

One of the major costs in business can be software licensing. Even a single legitimate version of Microsoft Office can cost around £300 which is quit

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