Software should fit the business, rather than the business fit the software

All too often businesses view software and technology in general as commodity assets that can be purchased to improve a business process, or introduce a cost saving.  Usually the person tasked with purchasing the software or commissioning its design has little knowledge of technology and software and so takes the word of the salesman selling him the wares.

The resulting purchase often means that the business needs to change the way it works, to align itself with the software that has been bought to supposedly make the business more efficient.  Often the software is bloated with features that wont be used, and comes with a hefty support cost.

This is the established way businesses buy software. But there is another approach – commissioning software to be designed and created from scratch to match exactly the business requirements. Of course, this is often a costly exercise if not carried out with care, but if done right what appears to be higher up front costs can result in a far higher return over the longer term.

Open source software can be tailored to your exact requirements without having the overhead of having to purchase the underlying software first. You just pay for what you need changing!

Hiring a system architect and project manager in the same way you would do a normal architect if building a house ensures you have the skills on side to protect you from unknowns. Done this way, using a fixed cost and time scale can protect your business from poor software purchasing decisions and ultimately a waste of money.


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