SOGO – another Microsoft Exchange alternative

In my quest to find an alternative to MS Exchange , I’ve looked at a number of different open source alternatives including Zimbra and Citadel.

I ideally wanted a fully functional “free” offering with support for mobile devices and MS Outlook so Zimbra didn’t really fit the bill as the Outlook integration and mobile device capabilities were a chargeable extra.

Citadel, as good a product as it is out of the box, does appear to be a bit long in the tooth and I was a bit concerned by the dropping of support of a mobile device plugin.

I was starting to give up when I came across an interesting potential MS Exchange replacement called SOGO.

SOGO is an opensource groupware server built on the OpenGroupware (Ogo) and SOPE application framework.  Initial testing using it’s ZEG (Zero Effort Groupware) Virtual Appliance was very positive and I’m going to roll my own SOGO Server for further investigation of it’s capabilities.

Come back for an update :)

Part 4


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  1. Franciele says:

    I’m very interested in geinttg SoGo running on ubuntu, but am a bit daunted both by geinttg it built and the dependencies.Would love to hear about what you learned along the way.

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